March 27, 2012

Healthy Me

Cheat, Struggle, Lack, and Fail are all words that no longer exist in my vocabulary.  I now live by moderation, Free, Abundance, and Grace.
This is a little bit of my own story....there is so much more being written.

Have you ever been accused of being spunky? I have, but I don’t relate with the idea of that title being an accusation. My personality wore it as a badge. My body, however, did not. There was a little ‘spunky’ cocktail dress my heart wanted to wear, but my knees would not oblige. That is when I was introduced to Take Shape For Life. Take Shape offered me a simple solution: up to 2-5 lbs a week gone, and not only for the banquet, but for good.
I started my journey determined to succeed. I didn’t need a diet; I needed a life-style change and support doing it. With Take Shape I received a Health Coach and Dr. Andersen’s Habits of Health in my corner and ability to fit into that cocktail dress 8 weeks later. In July of 2011 I was to be married. Stress triggered some emotional eating patterns, which later came to find out was due to hypoglycemia. I have had this ever since I was a child, but was never taught how to control it. I began the program all over again in November of 2011. As I learn how my body is wired I am able to create a healthy boundary in my mind and choose the best outcome for my health. Sugar caused me to binge but my health coach wouldn’t allow me to admit defeat. She helped me stand back up, move forward yet again, and choose health for my life. When diagnosed with a problem you have two options change it or accept defeat.
Maybe I didn’t need to lose weight, but I did need to take control of my health. I learned that my journey wasn’t about weight, but about a healthy mind. Take Shape For Life is teaching me how to set long term goals, say ‘no’ to my old god ‘stomach’, say ‘yes’ to the call God has on my life, and given me opportunity to help others do the same. I’m not OK with hypoglycemia taking me out before my time is up. I plan on living a healthy life as long as the Lord wills.
If you feel like you have failed you are not alone. I would love to help you on your journey to health. If you have the courage, I have the tools.
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