April 4, 2013

The arrival of World Changer Lauralai Illiana Brammer

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The Story of How I Got Here

My arrival was not an easy process for mom. I put her through many long hours before I decided it was time to let her hold me in her arms. She is lucky to have my dad though. Without him the journey into this world would have been a whole lot different. You see dad reminded her of her what she wanted. Which was a natural birth, and he was determined to make sure she had just that. Little did he know that in the process The Lord wanted to show mom something.
Mom started having contractions on Friday March 8th. She went into the hospital for the first time Saturday morning at 5:00 AM and then again on Sunday morning at 5:00AM both times be told to go home and rest. She returned that night at 11:00 PM with little progress. Walking and soaking in the tub for 2 hours finally she was admitted at 1:00AM. 19 hours later I came into the world as mom pulled me onto her chest. The Lord was her strength I am sure of it. He showed her what it really means to labor.
Labor is not meant to be done alone. Just like Papa was there to support her and remind her of her goals, so is the same in life. We are to labor with one another. Mom didn't just have Papa though, she had my auntie Thea and auntie Jen there as well. They helped Papa by taking turns supporting mama. Papa was able to rest because of them. I am thankful they were in the room. Auntie Jen made it possible for all my family outside of Portland to be a part of my arrival as well. She set up a webcast for them to get on. That helped mom stick to her plan. She doesn't like to give in when the crowd is watching. My mom is a strong woman. She says I'm strong too and that I'm going to change the world.
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Just like labor for her was long she now tells me that the prize in the end is so worth it. I guess I must be the prize. She tells me there is a lesson to learn in this too. Labor may seem long, but just like the contractions come and then you get a moment to breath so is the same in getting anywhere you want to be in life. Take the moments to relax and breath as the next contraction is coming. They only get more intense the closer the time comes to receiving your prize. Who is watching you and keeping you on purpose. Mama says you influence others just by being around them.
Eric Kann
She is quite the influencer my mom. This is her client and friend Eric who just recently hit his target weight after dropping 93 lbs. This is him running his first 5K after hitting his goal weight. I like him too because we share the same birthday. Every year we will celebrate his anniversary of being healthy on his birthday. I get to spend my days with Mama as she pours into people like Eric all over the country who are on their journey to health. She loves to encourage and speak truth into people. Sometimes she has to say hard things, but her clients love her for that as it keeps them moving on toward their goals. You see just like mama had papa during her labor, mama's clients have her during their "labor" or journey to a healthier life.
Mama and Papa are quite the team. I am never without one of them. They love to hold me and tell me stories. They are constantly telling me how beautiful I am. Mama calls me Squishy but I haven't quite figured out why. I guess it just stuck and Papa went along with it. Papa reminds me all the time that "this family doesn't work without you Lauralai." He sure makes me feel special. I love my cuddle times with him. I get to be naked because his body temperature is so HOT.
Mom says I'm her new business partner. I'm cool with that because she keeps talking about all these trips she is going on, and as her business partner it only seems right that I go with her. We are hoping to go to Texas in April, Iowa in May, Colorado in June, and Tennessee in July. I traveled all over the country before I was born so I'm excited to see some of the places and meet the people mom and dad made friends with over the past year. My job description is to sleep, eat, grow, and let her take cute pictures of me all day long. Most of them she catches of me when I'm sleeping. I'm just so tired all the time. Mom says its because I'm growing so fast. I was 7 lbs 5 oz and 19.5 inches long when I was born. I am already 8 lbs 11 oz. I like working with mom. I get to eat whenever I want and sleep whenever I want. She does all the work really.
You know if you have anyone in your life that is looking to better their health I'm sure she would love to help them. The best part about that is that Mama and Papa like to Skype so maybe we could even meet! I like to meet new people. I don't think there has been one day of my life so far they haven't taken me out to meet someone. I look forward to meeting with you and I think I speak for mom and dad when I say they look forward to connecting with you too very soon. We love you and are thankful for you in our lives. Please share with your family as we may not have everyone's email.
The Brammer's
Ronnie, Mandy, and Lauralai
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Check out Mama! She is looking and feeling great! So thankful that she is working on her health because she has so much energy to play with me and take me on walks. We get to connect with a group of ladies each week for her Stroller Mama's Group! Its so fun! You can see some of them below.
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